Intel presenta la seva nova aplicació de gràfics de comandaments gràfics per obrir el camí per a Intel Xe

Intel has revealed the layout and overall look (as well as functionality, though that one is always changing) of their new Graphics Command Center app, which showcases the company's vision for a graphics control hub. The design is thematically coherent (read: it's blue), and is, for now, of a simple layout. Enthusiast options are expectedly going to be added closer to or upon release of the company's discrete-level graphics architecture with Intel Xe, but the Command Center as it is showcases Intel's overall spirit to their graphics push. For now, features keep the minimalist approach of Intel's integrated graphics - this is more of a new coat of paint than a new enthusiast-grade Command Center.

Intel va fer un vídeo disponible al seu compte de Twitter i va anunciar un programa d’accés precoç per als usuaris que vulguin participar en el desenvolupament de funcions i usabilitat del nou Centre de comandaments. La nova aplicació està disponible a l'App Store de Microsoft a Windows.
Source: Intel on Twitter