Intel discontinua gairebé tota la sèrie de processadors d'escriptori de 7a generació | tecnologia de poder - Intel

Intel abandona gairebé tota la sèrie de processadors d'escriptori de la 7a generació

Intel late Thursday, through a product change notification, announced the discontinuation of almost its entire 7th generation Core 'Kaby Lake' desktop processor series. This includes most chips across the Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Pentium, and Celeron desktop chips based on the 14 nm+ 'Kaby Lake-S' silicon, across both retail boxed and tray packages. These chips formed Intel's main product lineup through 2017, and had to be quickly succeeded by the 8th generation 'Coffee Lake' with the advent of AMD Ryzen. To clear out its inventory, Intel will accept discontinuance orders for these chips until April 2020. A discontinuance order can only be placed by a customer who has previously ordered these exact chips. The last of these orders will be shipped out by October 2020.
Source: Intel (PDF)