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 en victòria llança el xassís de la torre mitjana | tecnologia de poder - A

A Win Allibera el xassís 305 de mitja torre

In-Win has introduced a new tower chassis to their lineup, sporting a sleek design and tempered glass side panel (of the tool-less variety; users need only press the handle for it to pop out. The jury is still out on whether or not this is a hazardous feature). There's a steel, plastic and tempered glass construction that join together to create one of the more subdued, yet aesthetically pleasing designs the company has come up with. Space for 7x 120 mm fans means your rig will hardly ever suffer form constrained heat, while the overall dimensions of the chassis mean there's support for up to 160 mm high tower coolers, up to 200 mm PSUs (kept in a separate chamber), and up to 350 mm graphics cards. Out of the box, there's support for 2x 3.5' and 2x 2.5' drive bays (with a potential extra slot for the latter). La connectivitat del panell frontal consta de 2x ports USB 2.0, 1x port USB 3.0, un interruptor de velocitat del ventilador i un parell de presa d’àudio HD. Les dimensions del xassís de la Torre Mitjana de 305 arriben a 500 mm (H) x 248 mm (W) x 484 mm (D). L’In-Win 305 està disponible ara mateix en opcions blanques o negres, a partir de 115 $ MSRP. Una última nota va dirigida als retalls de disseny de bresques del panell lateral, que semblen molt agradables i haurien de permetre un flux d’aire suficient.
Source: In Win