Futuremark estableix una data per rebranding UL

Futuremark set a date for its re-branding to align with its parent company UL. April 23, 2018 is when Futuremark products and services will be sold under the new branding scheme. Futuremark became part of UL in 2014. UL is an independent, global company with more than 10,000 professionals in 40 countries. UL offers a wide range of testing, inspection, auditing, and certification services and solutions to help customers, purchasers and policymakers manage risk and complexity in modern markets. A set of FAQs associated with the change are answered below. Què significa això per a 3DMark i altres punts de referència?
Estem canviant el nom de la nostra empresa de Futuremark a UL. Les nostres marques de referència, com 3DMark, PCMark i VRMark, no es veuen afectades. Continuarem desenvolupant noves proves de referència tot donant suport als nostres productes existents.

Què passarà amb el lloc web de Futuremark?
El 23 d’abril tancarem futuremark.com. Totes les visites futures es redirigiran a la pàgina equivalent de benchmarks.ul.com.

Segueixo les vostres notícies a Facebook, Twitter i LinkedIn. Què passarà amb això?
You will not need to take any action to continue following our news. On April 23, we will rebrand our social media accounts. From that point on, our posts will come from 'UL Benchmarks' rather than 'Futuremark.'