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 Asus comença a habilitar pcie gen 4.0 limitada en plaques base de chipset AMD de la sèrie 400 | tecnologia de poder - Asus

ASUS comença a habilitar PCIe Gen 4.0 limitat a les plaques base de xips de la sèrie AMD 400

ASUS believes that PCI-Express gen 4.0 support on older socket AM4 motherboards based on the AMD 400-series chipset is technically possible, even if discouraged by AMD. The company's latest series of motherboard BIOS updates that expose PCIe Gen 4 toggle in the PCIe settings, does in fact enable PCIe gen 4.0 to all devices that are directly wired to the SoC. These would be the PCI-Express x16 slots meant for graphics, and one of the M.2 slots that has PCIe x4 wiring to the SoC. Below is a list of motherboards scored by Chinese tech publication MyDrivers, which details the extent of PCIe gen 4.0 support across a number of ASUS motherboards based on the X470 and B450 chipsets.

Aparentment, AMD no va bloquejar PCIe gen 4.0 per a chipsets més antics. Es va limitar a suggerir als fabricants de plaques base que no l'habilitin, ja que les noves plaques base AMD 500 de la sèrie estan construïdes amb noves especificacions PCB que garanteixen la integritat i estabilitat del senyal PCIe gen 4.0. ASUS vol deixar-los als usuaris per decidir si volen el gen 4.0. Si les seves màquines són inestables, poden optar per limitar la versió PCIe a gen 3.0 en la seva configuració de BIOS. Entre altres coses, les especificacions d’AMD per a plaques base de chipset de la sèrie 500 prescriuen PCB amb més de 4 capes, per a un cablejat de PCIe i de memòria òptims. Moltes de les plaques base de la llista ASUS, com el TUF B450 Pro Gaming, utilitzen PCBs simples de 4 capes. To test that PCIe gen 4.0 is actually enabled, MyDrivers used a PCIe gen 4.0 SSD on the M.2 slot that's directly wired to the SoC, on a TUF B450M Pro Gaming. Crystal DiskMark sequential read speeds of the drive are consistent with the same drive tested on an X570 motherboard - with just over 5 GB/s reads. These speeds are impossible on gen 3.0 x4. In a separate article, MyDrivers reports that AMD isn't too happy with ASUS marketing PCIe gen 4.0 support on its 400-series motherboards, and is reportedly trying to block it in updates to the AGESA microcode. Our recommendation - if your updated ASUS 400-series motherboard is running PCIe gen 4.0, don't update its BIOS. Sources: MyDrivers (main story), MyDrivers (AMD's response)